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Using this blog page more as a comments section.  Feel free to post any comments you may have about your Bling Your String purchase, club shipment or the site!

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Club shipment

I received my first club shipment yesterday, and I'm delighted. It's like I got a present in the mail from someone who knows me well - something I would have picked out for myself. The bag and the perfectly matching stitch markers are well made, and I love the extras.

Thanks Aryn for your attention to detail, can't wait for the next shipment.


Cartoon Club

I just wanted to let you know that you do a great job. I loved all my bags and your attention to detail. This was so fun! Thanks so much, Aryn!

Club Bags

Loving these bags. The choices of fabric are perfect! And the little extras are so awesome!!! Thank you Aryn! You do great work.

Wonderful Bags

I love these bags, when she says custom she means custom. The bags I have received from her club are exactly right for me. They match my personality and my knitting projects. Aryn is a genius when it comes to bags, and the quality is impeccable. Keep making these beautiful bags, you can never have to many bags.

LOVE the micro stitch markers!

I received my first small crystal stitch markers as a gift and have since happily ordered several more sets. Aryn was so patient with me as I made color decisions. The markers are very high quality, are handsomely packaged and make every project feel special and exciting. I cannot say enough good things about them and look forward to ordering more in the future!

Thank you so much Vicki! You

Thank you so much Vicki! You are too sweet :)

Needle Cozy

I recently purchased a medium size draw string bag and a matching Needle Cozy. They are very well made and the fabric is extremely cute. I love them both. I only wish that the needle cozy had 3 snap closures with 2 being closer to the outside edged and then one more in the centre. I say this because I found that the needle tips from the circular needles can slip out while you move the bag about. Otherwise I am very happy with my purchase.

Thank you Karen! That is

Thank you Karen!

That is something I might consider in the future - thank you! I use the cozies with two snaps often and find if you snap one between the cords vs under them, the needles stay nicely in place. I hope that helps!

Stitch Markers

Received my first stitch markers as part of a Knitcrate package.....LOVE Love Love them!

Pretty colours and bling...what more can a girl ask for.
Besides, you're Canadian and I support all Canadians!

Thank you so much Patricia!

Thank you so much Patricia! I'm so glad you love them!

custom order and draw string bag (cats & books)

10/13/20 Just received my custom order of hand dyed yarn and September Club of the Month yarn with customized progress keeper. I also got the cats and books draw string bag with custom zipper pull. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. Aryn out did herself with her amazing dye, sewing, and custom clay techniques. I love the colors in the yarns and this was also my first club of the month yarn, which I am delighted with and love very much. I highly recommend shopping on bling your string site. Aryn also answers my questions & ships quickly too. Such a wonderful lady to do business with. Thank you so very much!

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