Mystery Sock Blank Club - 3 Month Pre-Paid (October/November/December)

Item Description

Do you love the monthly mystery sock blanks?

This listing is for those who wish to pay for three months at a time.  In doing so, you will receive a discounted shipping rate equalling one month free off the normal shipping costs of the monthly club.

Each month you will receive;

1 knit sock blank inspired by that month's picture

Your choice of either 1 set of matching beaded stitch markers, a matching zipper pull, or 10 simple rings (if you don't like dangly markers) ~ if you want different sizes for different months, just leave a note upon checkout.

1 handmade clay progress keeper that goes with the theme


This listing will be available every three months in 2018.

1. January/February/March 

2. April/May/June 

3. July/August/September 

4. October/November/December 

*coupons cannot be used towards club listings*

*if you purchase additional items with this listing, they will be shipped with the club.  If you want them sooner please place a separate order*

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