Custom Stitch Marker Set

Item Description

Create a customized set of stitch markers perfect for a gift or yourself! Included are seven stitch markers that I will make based on your colour or theme preference.

Please let me know the following:

size of seamless ring you'd prefer. Choose from:
micro (fits up to 3.5mm/US 4)
small (fits up to 4mm/US 6)
regular (fits up to 6.5mm/US 10.5)

If you'd like one of the markers to be made with a hook for sock knitting

What colour or theme you'd like me to work with (I have lots of charms that work well with themed sets). If a larger charm is used, this will be the main marker with the other six markers coordinating.

Once I know what you're looking for I will make the set up for you to see first, to be purchased once you're happy with it.
~ stitch markers shown in photos are for demonstration purposes only.
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