Custom Drawstring Bag ($25-$35)

Item Description

I've been working on adding a drawstring style bag to my lineup for a while, and have now come up with a design that I love.

Three sizes are available; Bitty, Mid and Bigger.  Each comes with a fabric wrist strap (can be used for knitting on the go), coordinating cotton fabrics, a boxed bottom, a round cord with locking stopper and coordinating fabric tab.  There is a sewn in swivel clasp on the front which holds five matching stitch markers.  I also find this clasp handy for attaching other things that I constantly need for a project.

Bitty Buddy Bag: Approx. 8"x8" when flat.  Great as a sock bag - mine fits my Yarnit perfectly (see second photo)

Mid Buddy Bag: Approx. 9.5"x12.5" when flat.  Fits three 100g skeins and is great for accessories/wee garments

Bigger Buddy Bag: Approx. 12"x14" when flat.  Fits five 100g skeins - I love using mine for sweaters.

Choose your bag size (price will adjust accordingly) and your stitch marker size.  For fabric selection see my gallery here.  You can also send me a message if you don't see something you love...I often have lots of fabrics in stock that don't get photographed right away. 

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