Custom Crystal Sock Marker Set

Item Description

My crystal sock marker sets are made with genuine Swarovski crystals to add a bit of sparkle and elegance to your knitting!  Each set comes with five crystal ring markers and one on a small hook used to mark the beginning of your round.  The hook attaches to a stitch so that if you're working with dpns or circular needles, you do not have to worry about it slipping of your needles.  Simply move it up as you go.

The rings fit up to 3.5mm/US 4 needles.

If you do not need the hook, just make a note upon checkout that you would like your set to be all ring markers.

You can see the crystal colours I have available here

Note: I order my crystals in groups of six, so if you need more of one single colour please let me know and I can do a special order for you.

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