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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER LISTING for the 2018 season.  Enrollment will close on December 31st 2017.

NOTE: Any other items from the shop that are ordered with the club will be shipped with the club.  If you don't want to wait, please place a separate order.  Thank you!

The basic club listing as priced at $32 includes one regular size pouch plus the extras.  If a different size is chosen, the price difference will be added.  Any additional bags will have the actual bag price added. 

Add matching notions to your shipment.  You may choose from a notion wristlet (nylon strap with matching fabric and key ring for attaching chosen items) and/or a needle cozy (with or without a hook)

* PLEASE NOTE  in the past the wristlets have come with attachments that I can no longer source.  You will now receive just the strap to which you can add your own notions (the price has been lowered accordingly).

Add a skein of yarn or sock blank to your club shipment and I will hand dye it to coordinate with a/the bag included in your package.  Yarn will be a merino/nylon blend in sock weight with a minimum of 400 yards.  You may also choose additional notions to match your shipment.

Welcome to my club!  Given the answers in your questionnaire, it is my goal to put together a package that has been customized just for you.  Based on your selections, you can make your club experience as simple or diverse as you'd like.  You can choose the number of bags you'd like to receive, the size of the bag/s as well as the stitch markers, additional yarn and/or notions and the types or themes of prints you'd like me to use.

In addtion to the bag/s, you will receive a selection of carefully chosen surprise extras.

Club Basics

What each package will include:

1-3 project bag/s in the size/s of your choice made with fabric/s chosen for you based on your questionnaire.  You can view a description of my different bag sizes here.

1 set of five matching stitch markers for each bag.  Choose either knitting or crochet markers. Note: the notion pouches come with a matching locking marker instead. You may also choose a zipper pull option in which you will receive a decorative pull that matches your bag.

1 hand made clay dual purpose stitch marker (they can be used on the needle or on a stitch).  These are made by me exclusively for club members.  

2-3 extra goodies which could include tools, notions, lotions, fun stuff and/or  treats.

A quick break down of bag styles to choose from: The Regular, Wee Sidekick and Bitty Buddy are excellent for socks.  For accessories/wee garments I would recommend the Wee Sidekick, Tall, Mid Buddy or Sidekick.  For sweaters, the Bigger Buddy or Companion.

Shipping Schedule

This club is a one time shipment regardless of how many bags you choose.  Packages will be made and sent out in the order that the orders were received.  When you place your order, I will let you know what number you are.  Packages will start shipping towards the end of January, and generally the last package is sent out by early May. If at any point you would like to know where I am in the list, you can ask by message or in the Ravelry group where there will be a club thread. I will also post any updates on the main page of the website.

Please understand that this is not an 'instant gratification' club.  There is a high amount of personalization and handmade components and these take time. The earlier you reserve your spot, the sooner you will receive your package.  

Shipping Costs: There is a flate rate shipping fee of $8 within Canada, $12 to the US and $18 Internationally.  

A note on shipping: many people choose several larger bags for their club and I have to take this into account when figuring out shipping costs.  If you choose fewer bags and your actual shipping charge ends up being less than what is listed, I will refund the excess (not including packaging costs).


Please copy and paste these questions with their answers either in the notes section when you check out or in an email sent to

1. What themes do you love?  Please give me 3-6 (or more if you like).  These could include general themes like 'geek' or 'animals', or something more specific like 'pigs' or 'poppies'.  The more detailed you are, the easier it will be for me to find something you will love.

2. If you chose more than one bag, would you like them to be all the same print or a mix of different ones? (Note: due to their small size, notion pouches will be made in the same print as one of your other bags)

3. Please give me an idea of your colour preferences.  What colours do you love?  What colours are you ok with, but may not want to see in large quantities?  What colours make you want to hurl and should be avoided at all costs?

4. What style of prints do you like/dislike?  Examples could include cute, artistic, stylized, realistic, modern, traditional, bold etc.

5. What size stitch markers would you like for your bag/s?  Choose from micro (fits up to 3.5mm), small (fits up to 4mm), regular (fits up to 6.5mm), or crochet.  You may also choose a zipper pull that will be made with a matching charm and glass beads.  If you chose more than one bag, you may choose different sizes for each bag to fit your needs (note again: the notion pouch does not come with a full set of markers, but a locking marker instead).   

6. Do you knit/crochet/spin?

7. Any allergies?

8. Have you been in one of my clubs before?  If so which one/s?  This is so I don't send you extras you may have already received (unless there was something you loved and want more - just ask!).

9. What would your dream 3D marker be?  Feel free to include a link to an image or send me a picture (in the case of a pet etc.).  If you're not sure, just say 'surprise me' and I will match it to one of your themes.

10. Which knitting/crocheting related accessories do you use and love the most?  Which do you not use, or need more of?  Are there any other extras that you would love to see? (I can't guarantee you definitely will or won't get these but it will guide my selections).

11. If you chose to add yarn to your shipment, what kind of dye application do you like best? (tonal/variegated/speckled)

12. What is your ravelry name? (optional - for extra stalking)

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Please come join the fun in my Ravelry group where there will be a thread for the club!  You can also view the thread for my past clubs if you want to get an idea of what is sent out.



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